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We had a fabulous response to the VMG enabled Automatic Changeover Manifold at Fab Tech!

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Liquid Cylinder Levels -A Sensor will monitor liquid tank levels using a C Stic to provide a percentage full reading of + or - 2%


Vendor Managed Gas was recently highlighted on CryoGas International’s website for their selection as finalist for ‘Best New Product of the Year’ at Cincinnati USA Business Awards 2014.

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Did you know VMG can alert you to freezing pipes? VMG has a temperature thermal couple in each Sensor which allows for the temperature to be monitored where ever there is a Sensor.  There are temperature alerts on the VMG Dashboard including email alerts.  By setting alerts above 32 degrees Fahrenheit / 0 degrees Celsius you can be alerted within five minutes when a freezing condition is developing all included in your one low monthly cloud charge for your gas systems.  This can prevent costly and interruptive pipe freezing conditions.

Traditionally (except in a few instances) cryogenically delivered gas systems user has had total responsibility for managing onsite the operation of a gas system.  In the late 20th century and currently the only change to this paradigm has been the addition of telephone/cellular telemetry to monitor the volume of product in the storage vessel for delivery dispatch requirements.