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We had a fabulous response to the VMG enabled Automatic Changeover Manifold at Fab Tech!

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The VMG Sensor Unit

The VMG unit is quite a powerful machine. Using radio frequency (RF) and Verizon wireless technology the collector box is able to acquire quite a bit a data very quickly and effortlessly, and then turn right around and transmit the information. It receives data from the sensor in just one tenth of a second! In order to accomplish this, however, the collector box must be within the RF range. This has been registered at 500ft away in some cases, but the collector has to be in a direct line to the sensor. In other words, the collector may not receive RF signal through brick walls, steel beams, etc (though it’s been known to happen on occasion). But within that RF range, the collector can pick up ANY sensor, whether it’s on a high pressure manifold, a microbulk tank, or even on a liquid dewar. The collector reads it all – over 100 different sensors with in its RF range.

Once the collector has the data from all the different sensors within its range, it begins to report the data wirelessly using Verizon technology. That’s how clients and users get VMG Alert emails. But what happens to all this data after the email? Where does it go?

VMG does not discard any data; it is all saved on our servers. Individual distributors may want the data for their internal systems, or there be other reasons a company would want data including marketing, researching, and forecasting. There are many different ways the VMG engineers save and download data to suit individual client needs. Let us know how we can help you organize the data.

And we’re curious, how would you use data collected from your different cylinders? Comment below!

VMG Collector Box